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While Batman is my favorite superhero of all time, nothing is as epic as Superman.  I was riding high on Superman for about a month recently buying up and watching seasons of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, and it all culminated in the dream purchase of Smallville: The Complete Series.  A massive 60+ DVD box set that is now a gorgeous gem in my massive DVD collection!  I even purchased an awesome Superman T-shirt featuring a flaming stone ‘S’ symbol that I wear regularly.  When I saw this wicked cool cover for issue #7 of Superman, featuring the debut of a new creative team, headed up by writers Dan Jurgens and Keith Giffen, I HAD to jump on!  Better yet is that Grifter #7 leads into and ties into it as part of the larger Daemonite invasion storyline!

This storyline pits Superman up against the former WildStorm Universe villain Helspont.  He is a Daemonite, son of an Overlord, and a clear high ranking leader among them, and a powerful one at that.  Helspont was a prisoner of the clandestine planetary defense team Stormwatch, but escaped when their headquarters was blown up. Crash landing in the Himalayas, Helspont makes plans to pull the Last Son of Krypton in as his servant and ally, but Superman refuses his offer. Helspont, in just one issue, proves to be a highly intelligent villain, but with a tyrannical arrogance about him. However, he appears to have the power to back-up his boasting and ominous statements, and is determined to have the Man of Steel see things his way, no matter what. I love the design of Helspont. It is intense, frightening, but also, theatrical. His personality reflects these impressions. I am hooked in for the long run, now!

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