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For whatever reason, I am a strong fan and supporter of the character of Dick Grayson.  I have always seen a potential in the character to become as great of a legend and hero as Batman.  With such a rich history, he has had as much time to evolve into a major player as Batman has had.  It’s only too bad I missed out on the "Battle for the Cowl" storyline that resulted in Grayson becoming Batman in Bruce Wayne’s absence.  I have heard high praise for the subsequent stories with Dick as the Dark Knight, and in the right creative hands, that does not surprise me, only pleases me.  With the New 52 continuity revamp, Dick is once again Nightwing, but he has not lost his experiences in the cape and cowl.   However, the storyline for Dick is deeply personal in nature, and makes perfect sense for him to return to his unique identity as Nightwing.

Dick Grayson’s past comes back to him as both a gift and a deadly threat.  The circus he grew up in returns to Gotham City, and its owner wants to sign Haly’s Cirucs over to Dick.  He reconnects with old friends and comes to accept the gracious gift after much reflection, but Dick is soon threatened by a costumed assassin calling himself Saiko Killer.  Worse yet is that he says that, “Dick Grayson is Gotham’s most dangerous killer.”  As Nightwing, Dick investigates this mysterious new nemesis while he takes the circus on the road, but both paths will soon cross in troubling ways.

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