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My musical tastes are quite diverse, and if I were to post my full iTunes library here, you would see how deep and wide they go. My main musical passion is heavy metal, but I can easily go from listening to Skid Row to Michael Jackson to Fleetwood Mac to Alice Cooper without a hitch. For the record, my top two favorite bands of all time are Alice in Chains and Metallica, and neither have I ever seen live in person. However, here, you will be able to see every concert I have been to starting with my first at OzzFest 2000, and peruse my complete CD album collection. This website is a true display for my dynamic artistic tastes and motivations. That would not be complete without music.

While I had a garage band from 2000-2002, it was a failed endeavor that never amounted to much of anything, but it is still a fond idea in my mind. Throughout Chicagoland, I have been friends with multiple independent bands. Some have not weathered the test of time due to hardships or life changing issues, but others have struggled through the tough times to remain on a path to success. This has kept me close to my desire to be a musician, despite having no talent or skill for being one. Beyond that, it has opened me up to some great music along the way. My filmmaking endeavors constantly require me to seek out talented musicians to contribute dynamic songs to my films, and it is due to my love of music that helps strengthen the emotional impact of my films.

I also love music videos, and I regularly indulge in them as a relaxing piece of entertainment. From time to time, I will feature some of my favorite music videos with a little insight into why I love it or simply the song so much. I do not know how regular of a thing this will be, but time will tell.

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