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Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and Cyborg.  They are the Justice League of America, the world's premiere superhero team.  So, how could I not embrace the flagship title of DC Comics?  It was the very first book of the New 52 continuity last August, and I snagged it without question.  With the art of the amazing Jim Lee, my favorite comic book artist, and the highly praised writing of Geoff Johns, it was a perfect launching point.

The introductory story told the formation of the JLA five years ago in this new continuity.  The team slowly assembles through the threat an invasion from Darkseid and the planet Apokolips, but it is not a smooth team dynamic.  Personalities clash with a reluctant alliance forged through necessity.  I found these first seven issues handled just as a flagship title should be.  Although, when I read issue #7, it felt a little abrupt in its conclusion as I expected a larger battle to take place with Darkseid.  It felt like a tease for a larger story, but perhaps my opinion will change when I re-read the full seven isues.  Regardless, the characters could not have been handled any more perfectly throughout this arc.  It showed a mismatched team of crime fighters thrust together in a bad situation having to learn to trust one another, but ultimately, earn the heroic respect of humanity.  It was an excellent introduction for this new DC Universe, and issue #8 brings the book into the present featuring a Justice League with a five year history behind them.   It should be quite interesting with the promise of a brand new villain!

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