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Back in December, I was researching superheroes and teams from Image and WildStorm Comics, and I became interested in this now former member of Jim Lee's WildC.A.T.s.  I read up on him on Wikipedia, and the science fiction aspects of his history and his current storyline hooked me in.  Having a sci-fi action book in my monthly reading felt like a an exciting idea.  Jumping in late in the run, I was able to pick up the first few issues at the same time, and that was helpful.  Issue #1 didn’t grab me too strongly, but by issue #3, I was hooked in.  The character of Cole Cash (aka Grifter) and the action within the book started to excite me.  The following issue was even better, featuring Green Arrow, and it has only escalated from there.  The plot is so tightly and smartly wrapped around the action that this has become my most anticipated book each month.  Grifter was definitely a book that snuck in under the radar for me, but has slowly become a vital piece of a storyline that is crossing over into multiple other books including Superman, Stormwatch, and Voodoo.

Cole Cash is a former special forces operative who has become a con man, a grifter, who becomes ensnared into a subversive alien invasion conspiracy.  He is abducted by forces unknown, but he awakes in the middle of a procedure that would have an alien Daemonite assume control over him.  Now, he can hear their thoughts, and is able to detect them beyond their human facades.  Donning a signature mask, Cole Cash is compelled to combat them at every turn using his special forces training and his con man savvy to stay alive.  In issue #7, he clashed with Stormwatch member Midnighter (of who he had a sordid history with in the WildStorm universe), and states that he is going to pull “my greatest con ever” in order to stop the Daemonite plot.

Issues #1-8 will be collected into the trade paperback "Grifter Vol.1: Most Wanted" on May 9, 2012.

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