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I have purchased comic books on and off for twenty years now, depending on finances.  Oddly enough, it was my grandma (“little gram” for those who know) who bought me my first comic books.  Believing I was already into them, she bought a box set of them from a home shopping channel, and that was the beginning of it all.  I don’t recall all of what was in it, but being that it had Spawn logos all over it, I know that it had the first issues of Spawn and Youngblood.  I have since collected Batman, Superman, Justice League of America, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Spider-Man, X-Men, Transformers, G.I. Joe, Spawn, and many other comic titles over the years.  My last fall off was in the summer of 2007 when time and money just didn’t allow me to keep up.

In November, 2011, I decided to step back into comic books.  What helped were two things.  One, DC Comics revamped their entire line of books and re-launched their continuity as ‘The New 52.’  It was 52 brand new #1 issues.  Every title of the main DCU was given a fresh start with an altered continuity.  Some things from the past were gone, but most stories and developments remained.  This allowed for a brand new jumping on point for new readers, and admittedly, I was skeptical at first.  However, it was an old favorite podcast of mine, Raging Bullets, that gave me the enthusiastic insight into these new titles to move forward with confident purchases.

I have always been a DC Comics person at heart.  Growing up on SuperFriends, the 1960s Batman television series, and Batman: The Animated Series being a devout DC fan was inevitable.  However, I have had plenty of room in my fandom for Marvel Comics, but in the here and now, DC is all I am focused on.  In this section of the website, you can see what I am currently reading, why I enjoy it, and get some insight into what I have read in the past that’s maintained my fandom.

Another part of my reignited comic book reading is my fandom of Atop The Fourth Wall - where bad comics burn!  Lewis Lovhaug is Linkara, the comic book critic with the magic gun and purdy hat that ingeniously deconstructs the worst comic books ever created, and does so with highly amusing results.  Atop The Fourth Wall is a weekly web series featured on

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