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I was researching 1990s comic book teams outside of the usual DC & Marvel continuities, specifically WildC.A.T.s  Creator Jim Lee originally launched the unique team at Image Comics, but later jumped over to DC Comics' WildStorm Universe.   This lead me to Grifter's new solo book in the New 52 DC continuity, and felt that a solid sci-fi action book would be a fresh change of pace. It is now my most anticipated book every month.   Beyond just the story that is being told, Cole Cash is an exciting character who is inventive, cunning, and intensely determined.   He's got bravado, intelligence, and charisma that come together to forge an unpredictable action oriented character.   With how great this book is, and seeing what I like so much about Grifter makes me very interested in researching his WildStorm past.   I'm eyeing an old one-shot comic JLA / WildC.A.T.s from Grant Morrison.   There are numerous trade paperbacks I can choose from, but I could use some recommendations.   Cole Cash's past is as interesting to me as his future. If he's this exciting here, I can only imagine how the WildStorm or Image continuity version must have been. Considering Jim Lee is my favorite artist, I am very pleased to see he could create some great original characters, too.

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