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Green Arrow
Created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp.

Oliver Queen is a billionaire industrialist who has strong political opinions that mainly support the working class and disadvantaged. However, he has also been a womanizing playboy, but at his core, he is a streetwise crusader trained in the ways of archery as an expert marksman. He is Green Arrow, the Emerald Archer. He's been a member of the Justice League of America, and over time, became a popular and well developed character.

I can't precisely recall what made me a Green Arrow fan. I enjoyed him on Justice League Unlimited, and seeing brief appearances on the new Young Justice is a pleasure.  He also was given a great DC Showcase short animated film where he was voiced by Neal McDonough.  In print, it was the 2006 "One Year Later" storyline from Judd Winick that was my jump-on point, and I missed out on the final few issues due to financial constraints. I should track down those issues at my local comic shop because I recall the storyline being very satisfying (which included an appearance from Batman and the Red Hood). I loved the original art style for this run from Scott McDaniel. It saw Oliver running for Mayor of Star City while still fighting crime as Green Arrow. Later, my fandom of the character was re-inforced by Justin Hartley's portrayal on Smallville.  An excellent casting choice merged with stellar writing made Oliver a standout character on the show, and he remained on the series from October, 2006 through to the series finale in May, 2011.  I can enjoy those episodes whenever I like since I purchased the gorgeous Smallville complete series DVD box set.   Now, the CW has greenlit a pilot for a brand new television series simply called Arrow starring actor Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in a fresh, new take on the character. If it is given a season run, I will surely check it out.

Ollie's had some different costumes, and I happen to prefer the hooded version (pictued to the left). It seems more practical than the Robin Hood feathered hat. Plus, that's how Ollie was drawn in that Judd Winick run I read, and both the Hartley and Amell costumes follow that design idea. Still, when he has that unique blonde goatee, I don't think even a hood and domino mask do enough to hide his identity. In the New 52 continuity, he is generally clean shaven, much like Justin Hartley was on Smallville.

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