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Needing another Batman fix to tide me over each month, I targeted this book, and I was not disappointed!  It’s a nicely woven story with appearances by many of Batman’s rogues gallery while introducing a new enemy, and focusing in on the psychological and detective aspects of Batman.  The artwork is very consistent with Batman’s multi-title appearances, but still has its own visual flavor.  This is an excellent title that holds its own next to the brilliant Scott Snyder penned “Batman” book.

The super-villains of Gotham have become jacked up on a serum that turns into hulking crazed beasts, but the effects are temporary leaving them incapacitated with blood trailing from their eyes.  Batman calls on help from members of the Justice League including The Flash and Superman to aid him in combating these modified foes including Two-Face and Clayface.  Weaving through the mystery of who is behind all of this, and who this new femme fatale villain, the White Rabbit, is leads the Dark Knight straight into the hands of the man that once broke his back – Bane!

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