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Of course, being a major Batman fan I had to decide upon a few Bat-books, and there were several to choose from.  Just from reading descriptions of the stories, my interest was not hooked.  However, after listening to an old favorite podcast, Raging Bullets, and hearing Sean & Jim speak about this title, I decided to check it out.  WOW!  Was I lucky I did.  This has been one of the best Batman storylines I have ever read or experienced in any medium!  Scott Snyder is an amazing writer who digs straight into the psychology of the Dark Knight with a great story.  The artwork and layouts in later issues envelope the reader into Batman’s spiraling dementia.  While I hate seeing Batman broken down and near defeat, it is immensely exciting when he battles through it all to prove why he is my favorite superhero of all time!

Batman is hunted and haunted by an organization believed to be myth called the Court of Owls.  They are said to have existed in Gotham City for generations, manipulating the city to their will, but even Bruce Wayne himself investigated them as a child, believing they were connected to his parents’ murder.  However, what he thought was just legend now seeks to destroy him, both physically and psychologically.  Their instrument of death is also unleashed upon Batman and Bruce Wayne – the loyal and murderous Talon. Now, two forces of the night will battle to determine who Gotham City truly belongs to!

In May, "The Night of the Owls" storyline will span across multiple titles including All-Star Western, Batman Annual #1, Batman: The Dark Knight, Batwing, Batman and Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, Catwoman, Red Hood and the Outlaws, and Birds of Prey.

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