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• So, I started out 2014 refusing to say that this year would be better than the last, as that's probably what everyone says, and the year ends up sucking worse than the last one.  This has worked out for me as some things have really sucked but other things have simultaneously gone along pretty well.  There have been highs and lows going on concurrently in different aspects of life, and at least, I can detached myself from one or the other depending on the situation.  Very unusual, but I'll take it, regardless.

I've continued to dedicate myself to the furthering of the Forever Cinematic video movie reviews, dedicated myself to writing a new screenplay for a short film, and have made a new production connection with Josh Hadley of 12:01 Beyond Productions in editing various projects of his.  I am also producing the first DVD release for my Chicago heavy metal band friends in HEMI as they record their new album.  The guys finally returned to the stage late last year, and I began shooting all the live videography shows in full 1080p HD.  They all have looked stellar, and can be seen on the RavensFilm Video Production Services channel.

Unfortunately, I haven't had anything to really update this personal site with, and I really don't know if anyone really pays any attention to what I've posted up here. It all kind of falls by the wayside between social media and all my RavensFilm Productions work, but it's not going away at all.  There's certainly some updating to be done when time allows.  However, time is always the elusive prize to grasp, but we shall see.

And as you can see, I've added my Twitter feed to the right so that in between the sparse updates on this front page you can see what I'm up to on a regular basis. My Twitter account is a peculiar hybrid of my own personal interactions and my RavensFilm Productions news and updates. Many Forever Cinematic updates are posted to there as well.
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